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Hey there 👋🏻 Welcome to my personal site & blog.

About me

I’m Charlie Ward — community builder, UX researcher & product consultant. I help communities/products get to market-fit, and solo founders to ramen profitable.

After 6 years growing a London creative agency to $10m+ annual revenue (joining as the first hire), I’ve been experimenting with applying those lessons to the worlds of community building, tech & entrepreneurship.

Check out my blog & projects below, or email to get in touch.

Yes, this is me. I like wearing baseball caps.
Yes, this is me. I like wearing baseball caps.


Current projects

  • 🍜 Weekend Club: Remote & IRL paid community for solo founders to become ramen profitable. 80+ members. "The accountability, advice and deeper bonds I get from my Weekend Club mastermind have been pivotal to me reaching $2k MRR for Tiiny Host.” - Philip Baretto, Founder, Tiiny.Host
  • 🛠️ Indie London: The UK’s largest Indie Hackers community. 1,200+ Meetup members. Our flagship meetup is IndieBeers in London.
  • 💼 Part Time Tech Jobs: Job board for vetted, part-time roles in the tech industry.
  • 🧠 Haai Studio: Freelance UX research & product strategy. Past/current clients range from Series C startups to publicly traded companies.

Upcoming projects

  • Weekend Club 3.0
  • Acquiring & pivoting a micro-SaaS
  • Indie London 2.0
  • Some other stuff 👀


Other links


  • I lived in Moscow for 4 years in the 90s
  • Nobody showed up to the first meetup I hosted
  • This is probably my favourite song
  • I also love pixel art

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