Hello World

20th March 2022

After many years accidentally re-programming myself to think and write in in 280 characters (thanks Jack Dorsey), this is a last ditch effort to reverse the trend.

Besides being another medium to shill my personal projects and/or investments, long-form writing will hopefully give me space to explore certain ideas a bit further. Or at least reveal to myself just how little I know about them.

Which ideas? Probably the stuff I spend the most time working on or thinking about.

At a high level, this is likely to be community building, user research, indie hacking, branding and surrounding topics.

At a lower level, currently, it could be how to create a sense of belonging, information architecture, ramen profitability, SaaS bundling and CC0/decentralised brands.

Depending on how it goes, I might throw some other stuff in. One step at a time though.

At some point, I’ll figure out how to add a comment section to Super, and you can tell me what you think about this nonsense.

Happy Sunday everyone ✌🏻

Edit: we now have a comment section, thanks to this nifty tool called Joey!